13 september 2014

Tickets Memorial Show 2014

For the first time, our annual Johnny Cash Memorial will be a two day event: a seated theater on Friday, September 12th, and a show without seats on Saturday, September 13th. In addition to performances by Def Americans, the program will include several other acts to be announced and additional non-musical programming.
Tickets for Friday are available from € 17.50 a ticket for Saturday will cost € 25, - per piece.

Memorial Show 2014 @ Steentjeskerk Eindhoven tickets

25th July 2014

Kersouwe sold out!

Kersouwe sold out!

Our show at Natuurtheater de Kersouwe is sold out!. We advise people who want to see us in a theatre environment to get tickets for our Memorial Show on Friday September 12th at the Steentjeskerk in Eindhoven.

johnny Cash Memorial 2014 update

We are proud to announce that the Rob Ryan Roadshow has been added to the bill of our Saturday lineup, These guys know how to blend a perfect mix of honkytonk, country and rockabilly. This year they did a show at Montreux festival, exactly 20 years after Johnny Cash himself performed there.

14th July 2014

Norsk Country Treff

Norsk Country Treff

We had a blast in beautiful Norway. We hung out with some great folks, had some real expensive beers and most of all a good time. We will be back for sure!
In the meantime we got shows lined up back home starting with Big Rivers Festival this Sunday and Veenhoop Festival on Monday. See you there!